Our commitment

Eco-friendly - Local - Handmade

Our approach is based on the principles of sustainable development, eco-responsibility and circular economy.

By opting for upcycling, we encourage the reuse of glass, giving it a second life full of creativity and uniqueness. Unlike glass recycling, our transformation process uses water, in particular recovered rainwater, partly in a closed circuit to reduce our water consumption and limit our environmental footprint.

We collect bottles from local bars and restaurants within a 5 km radius of the workshop. 

Our creations are entirely handmade in our atelier and designed with passion and the greatest care.

At Limelight, we believe in the beauty of transformation and reuse. Each bottle we collect is treated with care and transformed into a unique piece that will brighten up your everyday life. By choosing our tableware, you're helping to protect our environment while adding a touch of charm and originality to your home.

Join us in our commitment to a more sustainable future and discover the fascinating story that each bottle tells through our creations.