Our story

Welcome to the dazzling world of Limelight, where upcycling meets style and sophistication! Our passion is to transform discarded glass wine bottles into elegant glasses, vases and other design objects, ready to steal the show. With Limelight, every creation is a unique masterpiece. The glasses add the extra touch to your table, the vases sublimate your flowers, the carafes are both sophisticated and practical, perfect for serving your favourite drinks on special occasions. Limelight is a symbol of elegance and commitment to sustainability. Join us on this extraordinary journey where upcycling becomes an art form. Be seduced by the timeless beauty of Limelight, where wine bottles find a new life and light up your world.

Originally from Luxembourg, Patty studied law and has been working for over 25 years mainly in the health and social sector both as a legal adviser and human resources director. With a passion for art and the culinary world, she decided in 2023 to learn the techniques of glass transformation and candle making to launch Limelight.